Pen Holder in Solid Cherry Wood

In our mass-produced world we are often presented with cherry-colored crap that has been painted a mellow shade of red.  Actual cherry wood develops a rich reddish brown patina with time and exposure to sunlight and oxygen.  I for one prefer Cherry’s natural color palette which is why I finish each Clark Fine Wood Products piece with a raw oil process that brings out, not hides, Cherry’s natural color.

Common Names: Cherry, Black Cherry

Scientific Name: Prunus serotina

Color and Appearance: The color of cherry wood is the color of classic American furniture.  Cherry ages to a rich reddish brown patina that can be sanded to bring out a high level of luster in the wood itself.  Cherry can also have black mineral deposits that are known as “gum.”  Gummy cherry shows itself with assorted black lines or streaks in the cherry wood that in some cases can develop pockets that resemble knots.  The sapwood of Cherry is easy to spot and is noticeably lighter in color than the heartwood.

How I use it:  Cherry might be my personal favorite wood, there I said it.  I am especially drawn to Gummy Cherry as the streaking black gum lines provide another layer of interest to the wood in addition to the great natural depth that Cherry wood has.  These pieces of timber would be considered flawed in commercial industry but for Clark Fine Wood Products they are gold!  I source and use Gummy Cherry when I can and even will include some amount of sapwood to give each piece I make as much visual interest in the wood as possible.

What will the Cherry look like on my Clark Fine Wood Products piece?  All wood has its own grain and color so each piece I make will never have another that looks exactly like it.  Here is some of the variation you might see on your Clark Fine Wood Products Piece:

Charter 4 Bottle Wine Holder in CherryPando 6 Bottle Wine Tree in Cherry

Striped Wine Column Close Up in Cherry WoodWashington 5 Bottle Wine Rack in Cherry Wood Close Up