What Inspires Me

Helping Dad buy wood

No single thing in my life inspires my woodworking more than getting to be a father to my boys.  I want them to see the value of making things using their own hands, of creating something from nothing and for them to see what happens when they work hard. 
Handmade Wood Toy Axes             Heirloom Walnut and Maple Family Crib
I want them to spend time as much time using their imagination with toys made by Dad as watching someone else’s imagination on a screen.   I want them to try new things and not be afraid to fail. I want them to know that even an heirloom crib is worthless if you can’t let yourself have fun with it.
Since I began woodworking I have grown a deep appreciation for things in my life that fill a daily role of functionality and beauty. Things like the crib and bed I get my boys out of each morning, my chef’s knife and cutting board, a carved wine tree that holds my wine for cooking. 
Charter 4 Bottle Wine Tree in Multiwoods
I want the things in my life to be useful, to be fun and when you look closely you know without a doubt that each was handmade. These are the things I make and use for myself and have for sale here at Clark Fine Wood Products.