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Here at Clark Fine Wood Products I have the opportunity to work with both individuals and companies on designing and crafting custom woodworking pieces of all sorts.  Often these requests are slight variations on my regular products but occasionally I get the opportunity to create something from the ground up and make something fresh.   Working with Ritual Chocolate on designing a display for their chocolate bars has been just such an opportunity.

Ritual Chocolate reached out to me with a request: a request to help them redesign a better display for their chocolates.  They wanted a display for their chocolate bars that fit the product, the brand and (if I can put words in their mouth) just didn’t look so blah.

Pictured:  Kind of blah


Photo Credit:  Ritual Chocolate

After a few questions and taking inspiration from Ritual’s use of angled lines in their logo I came up with a prototype design that better matched their spirit of artisanal handmade chocolates.  

Custom Designed Chocolate Bar Display

A design to compliment Ritual Chocolate's branding

I wanted to make something that was distinctively as handcrafted as Ritual’s chocolates, accentuated the use of angles in their logo and would hold a large number of chocolate bars in a very orderly fashion.  The plywood strip down the middle acts as an effective stop for the displayed chocolate bars to rest against to make it very simple to arrange up to 24 chocolate bars uniformly. 

Clark Fine Wood Products Chocolate Bar Display

Even the details on the packaging are visible

We both liked the initial version of the display but wanted to find a way to incorporate Ritual Chocolate’s logo onto the front bevel.  We changed the front of the displays to a solid piece to make it clearly visible, had a Ritual Chocolate branding iron custom made and voila!

Final Ritual Chocolate displays


Side view Ritual Chocolate displays

Hey good lookin'

If your local establishment carries Ritual Chocolate, you just may see these displays popping up too!  

If you or your company has a need for custom displays contact me to let me know how I can help.







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