Washington 5 Bottle Wine Tree in Multiwoods

Are you the type of person that has trouble making decisions?  Would you rather share orders of appetizers at a restaurant than commit to one meal?  Love all these different woods but can’t make up your mind? Do you like vertical stripes of wood?  Then a piece made from my Multiwood option is for you!

Name: Multiwood

Scientific Name: ???

Color and Appearance: Here at Clark Fine Wood Products I reserve a little of each wood species I work with in order to make a wood option that is a little more whimsical and fun.  Made from vertical strips of various hardwoods and arranged in randomized patterns, I create pieces that offer something different than just a solid species of wood.  No two are arranged the same, each item is randomly assembled.

How I use it:  Randomly

What will the Multiwood look like on my Clark Fine Wood Products piece?  All wood has its own grain and color so each piece I make will never have another that looks exactly like it.  Here is some of the variation you might see on your Clark Fine Wood Products Piece:

 Pando 6 Bottle Wine Rack in MultiwoodsCharter 4 Bottle Wine Rack in Multiwoods

Detail of Pando 6 Bottle Wine Holder in MultiwoodsDetail of Charter 4 Bottle Wine Tree in Multiwoods