Clark Fine Wood Products Walnut Pallet Coaster SetIs there a more popular wood than Walnut?  Not here at Clark Fine Wood Products there isn’t.  With its instantly-recognizable chocolate color palette Walnut is a true American beauty and a favorite choice for my uniquely crafted goods.

Common Names: Black Walnut, Walnut

Scientific Name: Juglans Nigra

Color and Appearance: While not truly Black in color like some exotic woods can be Black Walnut is a North American hardwood prized for a rich chocolaty brown color that can include striations of yellow, gray and even red and purple notes.  The demarcation between heartwood and sapwood is very evident as the sapwood is a lighter cream color that resembles coffee with cream.  Black Walnut is a gnarly tree that, as a commercial lumber, contains a larger volume of ‘flaws’ that include knots, crotch figure, ingrown bark or sapwood inclusions. 

How I use it:  No other domestic wood has the potential to give as much visual interest as a piece made with Walnut.  I do not shy away from including knots, some sapwood, crotch figure or ingrown bark in pieces I make if it can bring more visual interest to the piece I am making. 

What will the Walnut look like on my Clark Fine Wood Products piece?  All wood has its own grain and color so each piece I make will never have another that looks exactly like it.  Here is some of the variation you might see on your Clark Fine Wood Products Piece:

Solid Walut Pen HolderCharter 4 Bottle Wine Tree in Walnut

Pando 6 Bottle Wine Holder in WalnutWashington 5 Bottle Wine Holder in Walnut