Charter 4 Bottle Wine Tree in MapleNortheast Ohio is a region that is native to a wealth of hardwood species and home to many varieties of Maple trees.  While each is a distinct species and has slightly different working characteristics, they all have Maple’s distinct white to cream color.

Common Names: Maple, Hard Maple, Soft Maple

Scientific Names:  Acer saccharum, acer rubrum, acer saccharinum, acer nigrum, acer pensylvanicum

Color and Appearance:  Maple’s color can range from a distinctly white wood to that of a more cream color.  The grain can be minimal and unpronounced but this serves to highlight some of the more common characteristics found in maple such as mineral streaking, mineral staining, curl and knots.  The heartwood in maple species is noticeably darker than the sapwood.  

How I use it:  When sourcing maple boards I select ones with character features in them that will give each finished piece more variation that a clear board of maple.  I do not shy away from including knots, some heartwood, figure, mineral staining or ingrown bark in pieces I make if it can bring more visual interest to the piece I am making. 

What will the Maple look like on my Clark Fine Wood Products piece?  All wood has its own grain and color so each piece I make will never have another one that looks exactly like it.  Here is some of the variation you might see on your Clark Fine Wood Products Piece:


Clark Fine Wood Products Step Stool in MapleClark Fine Wood Products Serving Tray in Maple

3 Bottle Wine Column Holders in MapleWashington 5 Bottle Wine Tree in Maple