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You may not have noticed but here at Clark Fine Wood Products I endeavor to regularly add new products to my regular offerings.  Some are born of from customer requests for custom made products and others are born out of simply making what I want to use in my own life. 
Enter CFWP’s new desk organizers:
  Clark Fine Wood Products Desk Organizers in Black Walnut

New desk organizers in black walnut

 Born from a need to keep my desk better organized, to keep the various office utensils I constantly use close at hand and partly an excuse to expand on my design theme of mashing together the hardwoods and plywoods. 
Butternut Desk Organizer
  A modern take on a utilitarian desk organizer.  Shown in Butternut
Each is made from a block of Northeast Ohio hardwoods with high quality birch plywoods of varying sizes and measures 2 inches by 2 inches. 
 Cherry and Plywood Pencil Cups
  Black cherry
Each desk organizer has a 1.5 inch hole drilled into the center and is deep enough to comfortably hold an arsenal of your professional paraphernalia.
Solid Plywood Desk Organizer
  Also available in solid plywood
Available in black walnut, black cherry, maple, butternut and solid plywood these unique additions will compliment any desk.
Check them out here!

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