Small Coasters, Big Dreams

Hey there, welcome to Clark Fine Wood Products!  My name is Chris and I make the products, take the pictures, ship the shipments, manage the website and wax poetic about what you’ll find here.  If you’d like to know a bit more about me and what got me started on this journey you can check out the appropriately titled About Me, My Story and What Inspires Me pages.

When I first considered my first product I immediately went to the small, handy and pervasive things in my life which lead me to the humble coaster.  Humble pallet coaster that is. 

 Pallet Coasters in Red Oak Wood

My classic set of pallet coasters in Red Oak


A coaster is something so simple, so useful and yet done ad nauseam by factory and woodworker alike that I was unsure if making these would even be worth the effort.  Ultimately I decided I wanted an authentic looking pallet coaster for myself (gosh darnit), true to scale and proportions in everything except for the glue in place of the nails, for no other reason that I thought it would be fun to use and to entertain house guests and coworkers.  I made a few extra to sell and the rest, as they say, is history.  Clark Fine Wood Products was born atop these handmade and authentic pallet coasters. 


Years later I still make them the same way.  Setting every single piece by hand as part of a weird morning ritual over coffee and before I head off to work. 

Assembling Pallet Coasters

Nothing fancy going on here, just a lot of love, time and coffee go into making each pallet coaster.


Offered in Red Oak and Walnut since day one I have plans to expand the line to include more wood species in the future.   Clark Fine Wood Products Pallet Coasters encompass what I believe products today should be:  useful, beautifully crafted and should put a smile on your face whenever you use one.

 Pallet Coasters in Walnut Wood











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